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Welcome to
Move Your Limits

  • Your investment – your life
    • Food for thought
  • Your ultimate “journey”
  • Be willing to invest and learn important parameters:
    • Can you afford not doing it?
    • Take responsibility and make a choice
    • Your energy
    • Your time
    • Planning – a necessity
  • Before your “journey” begins
  • Contract

The road to
success begins
from within

  • Know yourself from inside out
  • Face the truth
  • Optimize your way of thinking
    • The power of thought
    • Conviction
  • Visualization


  • To manage and master oneself
  • The efficient leader
  • The courage to be yourself
  • Create clarity
  • High productivity
  • Walk the talk

Your dream
and the
way forward

  • Your dream – your passion
  • Motivation
  • Set of values
  • Clean up and make a choice
    • Inside as well as outside
    • Create a strong identity
  • Vision board
  • Create the right network
  • Quality of life

Goal, planning
and development

  • Goal and objectives
  • Learn to manage your time
    • Prioritize
  • Your energy
  • Planning and structure
  • Persistency and consistent training
  • Development and learning
  • Creating the courage
  • A positive view in the middle of “chaos”

Increase your
focus and
your efficiency

  • Train your focus and become more efficient
  • Manage your technology
  • Pauses, availability and focus on time
  • Mails and meetings
  • Only do one thing at a time
  • Turtle and rabbit time
  • Performance needs resting
  • Your personal retreat
    • Creativity
  • Efficiency requests training and persistency

mindfulness and

  • Stress and your health
    • Accelerator and brake
    • Interval between work and rest
    • Learn to deal with stress
  • Mindfulness – what does it mean?
    • Mindfulness and your health
    • To be versus to take action
    • Your thoughts
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • Stimulation, affection and your reaction
    • Learn your emotions before you react

Get strength
through training

  • Training and your health
  • Recommendations
  • Strength, fitness, flexibility and balance
  • Quality in your training
    • Optimization of your training
  • Exercises for the office, at home, outside and when travelling

– your fuel

  • Recommendations
  • Healthiness and quality of life
  • Eating versus burning
  • Main meals and snacks
  • Which kind of food should I choose
  • Every day, weekends and holidays

your sleep

  • Recommendations
  • Why we need sleep
  • Sleeping and stress
  • Powernapping
  • Having a good night’s sleep

entrepreneur and
create your own

  • The attractive company
    • The common thread through everything from A-Z
  • Company culture, vision and set of values
  • Inner and outer leadership
  • Create clarity and optimize the communication
  • Who is your target group?
    • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Employ the right people
    • Know your employees
    • Self-propelled employees

Sarah – how
she did it

  • From chaos to clarity
  • From complex to simple
  • Understand that only I am responsible
  • Long-term investment
    • Expenses versus the value thereof
  • Luck versus hard work
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Getting out of the comfort zone
  • Travelling, experiencing and reflecting
  • A life in the land of opportunities
    • Freedom
    • Quality of life
    • Fun and hard work
    • An inspiring network
  • Knowing exactly what I want
    • Determined