Life Experience

Sarah Lyngsgaard Madsen’s life experience

The girl, Sarah Lyngsgaard Madsen, learned early in life another lesson than what she learned through her educations, she calls it:
The School of Life – the most educational and challenging teacher of all.
Through her life, she has experienced that most people have up- and downturns, the question is how we deal with them.
Sarah’s own childhood was turbulent and challenging because of her parents. She had to deal with a lot of hard issues and was from an early age, more or less, responsible for both her parents.
Later in life she stayed at a youth pension. Life itself brought Sarah many unpleasant surprises year after year, but maybe there was something positive behind all these challenges. There had to be, and if she looked very carefully there might be a deeper understanding with all she had to go through.

Sarah became interested in psychology and very slowly she became aware of that no matter what she had experienced in life, she would always have a choice.
A choice about winning her life back, take leadership and responsibility and not blaming her parents – what could she do with that in the long run?
She had the opportunity to change her life and not use her past as an excuse and instead be the “architect” of her life. Create the life which she really longed for! She could have chosen to be the victim and regret that so many years of her youth, more or less, had been lost. However, she could choose to fight and keep fighting for turning all the downs and many years of challenges into success – she chose the latter.

The School of Life has taught Sarah that nothing is impossible for those who keep fighting and believe in themselves regardless of the childhood, and whether or not others believe in you, we always have a choice. She has learned through her educations and not least from the School of Life:
that every single person has the opportunity to take leadership in their own life, to create the life that you really want, no matter the odds, if you are willing to invest in that and walk all the way. Behind every challenge there will always be a rewarding message hidden if we want to see that.
Today Sarah’s greatest passion is to help others on their way to become a leader in their own life.
Sarah has now realized that the reason why she had to go through all this now puts her in a position to help others. Against all odds and others’ opinion, Sarah has created her own “adventure” and reached further than anyone, but herself, has ever believed. She also knows that if there is anything in life she wishes to achieve – it is possible! Life is full of opportunities if we choose to see it.